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For over 20 years, Kristen has practiced as a published nutritionist and licensed psychotherapist specializing in eating disorder recovery, obesity and body image issues. For 13 years, Kristen practiced in an endocrinology practice specializing in obesity and diabetes.  Her approach to treatment of obesity, eating disorders recovery and/or any maladaptive eating behavior is comprehensive. By integrating both the psychological and physiological aspects of these issues, Kristen helps clients achieve their optimum level of health, both emotionally and physically. Education is a fundamental part of recovery from unhealthy eating behaviors. Kristen provides the tools to achieve emotional balance and physical well-being for a lifetime. Her philosophy is simple- health matters, not the number on the scale.  It is important to examine how to make realistic, healthy changes (nutritional and behavioral) so that optimum health can be achieved.  More importantly, one’s relationship with food and a healthy body image-no matter what size- is the goal of treatment. There are a number of contributing factors to the development of eating disorders-  history of trauma, mood disorders, relationships, self-esteem and self-worth, etc.  Compassionate exploration of these issues is necessary in order to ultimately achieve wellness. 

Kristen has a huge passion for working with adolescents and has, for many years, carved out a significant part of her practice to working with younger individuals.  Treating ages 12-18, Kristen focuses on creating healthy self-esteem and emotional development.  Navigating adolescence is challenging, particularly in the age of social media.  Kristen provides a nurturing, safe environment to develop a healthier sense of self.

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