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For 25 years, Kristen has practiced as both a published nutritionist and licensed psychotherapist. Residing in Beverly Hills, California, she is a specialist in eating disorder recovery, obesity (both the physiological and psychological aspects), as well as body image issues. For over a decade, Kristen also had the great privilege of working with Dr. Calvin Ezrin, a world-renowned endocrinologist specializing in diabetes and obesity. Many of her patients, presented with symptoms now recognized as BED, Binge Eating Disorder. In collaboration with Dr. Ezrin, she co-authored Your Fat Can Make You Thin (Lowell House, 2000) which is a comprehensive guide to weight loss focusing on the role of hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances that lead to obesity and often other medical conditions such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. She is also the author of the dietary guide The Everyday Meal Planner for Type 2 Diabetes: Simple Tips for Healthy Dining at Home and On the Town (McGraw Hill, 2002). Her extensive knowledge of the role of hormone and neurotransmitter dysregulation in obese patients (and the relationship to binging behavior) has greatly informed her work today when treating patients who present with a range of eating disorder symptoms.

Kristen is a recurrent professional speaker for eating disorder treatment centers. She has been a speaker at several seminars on a range of topics such as treatment of obesity, understanding and treating eating disorders, and developing a healthy body image- no matter what size. She has been a guest on KRLA’s Healthy Advice with Dr. Gene Steiner and Additionally, she has appeared on FOX Midday Sunday discussing the treatment of obesity and has provided professional commentary for E! Entertainment Television News. She is also appeared in various publications. She is a well sought out expert in the field of eating disorder recovery, addiction and obesity.

Kristen also participates in educational outreach programs with adolescents and teens on a range of topics including, but not limited to, developing healthy self-esteem and body image in a body shaming, weight obsessed culture.

She is a professional member of several health organizations including the Binge Eating Disorder Association (membership committee), National Eating Disorders Association, International Association of Eating Disordered Professionals, Academy of Eating Disorders, California Association of Marriage Family Therapists and American Association of Marriage Family Therapists. Kristen is a founding board member of the Los Angeles chapter of IAEDP where she served as media chair.

In a time when we are seeing obesity and eating disorders on the rise, Kristen Caron’s insight into treating these serious problems is in great demand. Her philosophy over all is to achieve emotional and physical health- independent of one’s size. Through nurturing care and applied expertise, it is Kristen’s ongoing commitment to help people with the often misunderstood and minimized problems understand why they have struggled with their relationship to food and to their bodies.

kristen caron md mft licensed psychotherapist nutritionist california beverly hills eating disorders body image self-esteem

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