Health and Wellness Apps: Healthy Body Image, Mindfulness, Healthy Self Esteem

**This section is ever evolving and is centered on applications specific to recovery, building self-esteem and healthy body image and cultivating mindfulness. If you have suggestions for an app, please submit to Thank you!

  • Rise Up Recovery- multifaceted recovery app allowing you to record your meal plan, develop awareness with emotional triggers.  Additional resources- coping skills, journal activities, body image tips, etc.  You can share this info with your treatment team with a simple export system.

  • RR (Recovery Record)- Accessible app allowing you to link your treatment team.  Invite your clinicians to see your messages, goals, set objectives and more.

  • GG BI:  Body Image Distress and Preoccupation an effective CBT app offering 48 “levels” challenging negative thoughts and providing positive thought to improve body image and overall wellness.

  • Headspace- an accessible meditation app with themed meditations: self-esteem, stress, anxiety, sleep, focus (great for students!) and so many more!

  • Insight Timer- meditation app allowing you connect with others in your meditation community.  Over 8,000 guided meditations, discussion groups and support.  Or simply set your timer and do your own thing. 

  • MoodSpace- journaling app with specific exericise designed to stimulate positive thinking and mindfulness.

  • Bliss- various journaling activites/entries, designed to enhance mood and create a sense of gratitude, meaning and purpose.

  • My Affirmations- keep clicking away on meaningful and powerful statements of self-worth and positivity.