Bariatric Counseling (Pre or Post Surgery)


Bariatric procedures, while often medically necessary, can be emotionally and physically challenging.  Supportive therapies examining one’s emotional relationship with food, coping strategies, and nutritional support are necessary to ultimately achieve one’s optimum level of health.

  • Your relationship with food is a focus of bariatric counseling- Understanding the “when, what and why of eating.”
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms for emotional dysregulation.
  • Education- Anticipating physical changes and meeting nutritional needs.
  • Emotional support- Your changing body and relationship with food is an evolving process. It can be overwhelming, exciting, confusing- a spectrum of emotions. Understanding and normalizing these feelings is critical to healing physically and emotionally.
Kristen Caron MFT california bariatric counseling pre or post surgery

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