Health and Wellness Apps: Healthy Body Image, Mindfulness, Healthy Self Esteem

**This section is ever evolving and is centered on applications specific to recovery, building self-esteem and healthy body image and cultivating mindfulness. If you have suggestions for an app, please submit to Thank you!

  • Rise Up Recovery- multifaceted recovery app allowing you to record your meal plan, develop awareness with emotional triggers.  Additional resources- coping skills, journal activities, body image tips, etc.  You can share this info with your treatment team with a simple export system.

  • RR (Recovery Record)- Accessible app allowing you to link your treatment team.  Invite your clinicians to see your messages, goals, set objectives and more.

  • GG BI:  Body Image Distress and Preoccupation an effective CBT app offering 48 “levels” challenging negative thoughts and providing positive thought to improve body image and overall wellness.

  • Headspace- an accessible meditation app with themed meditations: self-esteem, stress, anxiety, sleep, focus (great for students!) and so many more!

  • Insight Timer- meditation app allowing you connect with others in your meditation community.  Over 8,000 guided meditations, discussion groups and support.  Or simply set your timer and do your own thing. 

  • MoodSpace- journaling app with specific exericise designed to stimulate positive thinking and mindfulness.

  • Bliss- various journaling activites/entries, designed to enhance mood and create a sense of gratitude, meaning and purpose.

  • My Affirmations- keep clicking away on meaningful and powerful statements of self-worth and positivity.


Professional Affiliations


BEDA - Binge Eating Disorder Association

  • This site offers a comprehensive portal for professionals and clients alike. BEDA Hive is full of important, current information about the treatment of BED. The site provides extensive resources for treatment professionals, including podcasts from respected clinicians in the field. It offers clinicians and clients a supportive and safe community to further understand BED.
binge eating disorder association


IAEDP - The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation

  • This site provides articles, resources and several professional links for both eating disorders professionals and individuals seeking treatment.
IAEDP foundation


AED - Academy of Eating Disorders



National Eating Disorders Association

  • This site provides current information in the field of eating disorder treatment and offers extensive referrals for treatment.
national eating disorders association


Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders

  • This is a comprehensive website which includes up to date articles in the field of eating disorders. It also provides several links to referrals for both in and outpatient treatment.


California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

california association of marriage and family thereapists


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

american association for marriage and family therapy


Recovery Warriors

  • This is a multimedia resource hub for hope and healing from an eating disorder. Recovery Warrior’s vision is deeply rooted in connecting treatment, technology, and innovative design to eating disorder recovery. Our Rise Up + Recover app, online magazine, podcast, social media, treatment directory and music playlists have helped hundreds of thousands of people on their journey to freedom and self-acceptance.


Eating Disorder Hope

eating disorder hope


Addiction Hope